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Local Gov. Ombudsman finally Charged

The following email sent to all and sundry on the 10/7/06 has of today 27/7/06 not been responded to by any of those listed below neither has the Media who have been forwarded this done anything as far as I can see to question just what the hell isa the local government ombudsman up to.

Hello Media dudes
heres a copy of an email sent to the public services ombudsman today plus all the great n good who have also received it, oh for an investigative journalist to look into this lot eh Crazydave.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hello everybody

I have had the misfortune to receive yet another 'take the Michael' letter from Huw Daniels of the Public services Ombudsman.

I will try and cut this short not that sending it to you all will make any difference, hell it hasn't in the past so whats likely to be new eh Crazydave.

In the letter he talks about the sound insulation, and has attached two letters from Jonathan thomas of Scrutiny Services (Ha!) Dated the 7/11/2000, n 21/2/2001.

In my 7/3/2001 reply to Jonathan thomas I pointed out the error in the date of refusal to have the two layers of plaster board put in my flat. His letter asserted that it was the 25/1/01 when infact the date was 12/3/01, not that anyone cares this was outside the time scale set out by the environmental sound people.

Yet another failing that ought to be classified as maladmin, but then Mr. Daniels wouldn't know what Maladmin was if it jumped up and bit him on the face. Mr.Daniels office was also given a copy of that 7/3/01 letter but it wasn't in his little bundle to me. Neither did he assertain from building services when these remedial works were undertaken. (it took a phone call from Owen John Thomas's son Hywel to confirm the date as the 9/july/2001 confirmation made on the 28/6/01)

Or the cronology of the sound test prior then following the remedial works or what the results were. Fortunately for me I have kept hold of those documents. This is a so called investigative dept. At no time has one of them ever visited the property yet they do make out in their brosures that this is something that they do.

So Mr. Daniels are you going to ask the environmental sound dept for their documentation are you going to confirm with the maintenance dept. (yeah the guys who were having a good laugh while I was on the phone to their maintenace manager while Gem Morris the Taff Housing do nothing support worker arranged it for their entertainment) or the subsequent visit when they came in Mid year 2002 to verify that indeed the two layers with coving had been in place, pity they didn't send an area supervisor to check it while works were in progress isn't it????????

In the environmental health letter dated 16/aug/2001 the machine was on the blink apparently?? Well I put a wager on with you here Mr. Daniels I believe that were an independant body to do a sound test with the machine sat on (address withheld for privacy) floor that the transmission value will be higher than that of the original complaint value. If I'm wrong Mr. Daniels I'll give you a fiver, if I'm right I wonder if I can get 7 years worth of your salary.

It is my belief that the environmental sound people could not believe the new readings and blamed faulty machinery when infact the two layers of plasterboard actually acted as a conductor of sound an amplifier if you like but were afraid to acknowedge this! and so did another test with the machine raised off the floor.

why do I say this after all the biggest bug bear with inadiquate sound insulation is having to put up with the Loud footfalls from above, the tapping of stuff on tables and the dropping of stuff on the floor. The last test to be carried out when they didn't have an on the blink machine (Ha!) it was on a tripod off the floor, I did ask at the time whether they were going to place it on the floor and not on the tripod upstairs and they refused to do so.

So Mr. Daniels why were these documents not included in this sham letter of yours after all you had copies. (Oh they chucked them out crazydave, when they moved offices, yeah yeah yeah)

In the last paragraph this cracker says 'it would be helpful if you set out in the form of a complaint the problems caused by your neighbour'

As if Mr. Daniels office has not received the copies of neighbourhood nuisance booklets one and two, or that they had not recieved copies of complaints to South Wales Police Superintendent Bob Evans. Maybe someone ought to suggest to Mr. Daniels to contact Fairwater police station and ask them for the incident numbers and the complaints made in those incident numbers regarding the neighbours or maybe someone might forward the emails I've sent resently about them.

Maybe sooner or later Mr. Daniels will wonder why the hell he got up to this kind of behaviour, this attempting to pervert the course of justice, which his letter is just another prime example of.

whats the point in you sending this to any of the usual people Crazydave, none what so ever based on past experience, based on the ignoring of the banner Eh Chief Constable.

I wonder if anyone will email the commisioner of the public services ombudsman on my behalf and have him stop this Mr. Daniels character from ever writing to me again, suspended pending investigation?????

That would be a just thing now wouldn't it. Yeah but apparently you do not deserve any justice what so ever Crazydave, yep apparently.

Maybe they ought to make these ombudsman characters read a bit more Shirlock Holmes, you know the investigative mind, how it opperates. But then it appears that the public services ombudsman is just an appologist for the council.

Hey get back to me if you care?

I am that I am Crazydave.

So why I have I heard not one reply??? MALFEASANCE I think so, CHIEF CONSTABLE.

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